la banane reine de la jungle

Mobile Jungle is established in Montréal, QC, Canada


The world of mobile is a very fertile jungle. Let's be honest, we use our smart phones, but many do not necessarily have knowledge of the device and its functions in full (even if we are born in the nintendo era). Our team took the initiative to create this site to inform you and serve as reference, easy to use tool to compare smartphones before you buy a new device. Make your comparisons, see our articles and leave us your comments.

OUR VISION vision has a much wider spread, we will work to provide you with information on the entire universe of smart mobile devices. For junglemobile to become the reference in the field of Canadian smarthphones without taking a bias for a service provider or device in particular.

Our Team

Laurence Matte
Content Manager

Vincent Prévost
Web design
Editorial graphic design

Frédéric Beaulieu
Lead programmer

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