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Galaxy S5 vs iPhone 5s


Iphone 5s

Once again Apple inc arrives with another clean and slim silhouette Smartphone. It is available with a variety of colors for more personalized look. This new mobile can record videos with a stunning 120 fps (frames per second ) which make possible for you to edit it afterward with super slow motions. It is true that the iPhone S5's performances are less then it's Samsung counterpart,( the galaxy S5), on paper however the apple OS developed by the builder which even with lesser hardware specifications as pretty good benchmarks for the same operations. The Iphone5s posses exclusive technologies like the subpixels. Each pixel of the Iphone screen posseses 3 under pixels that to your eyes offer a sharper image and that uses less energy for your battery. The iPhone is undoubtedly an advanced technology and refined device.




Galaxy S5


Samsung Pushes state arts of performance of its products with the goal to offer us the best possible experience with their new products. This phone will offer you more brute performance at a competitive pricet. Samsung is known for  creating Smartphone with a better and bigger screen resolution then all of its competitors on the market.  At first sight this seems like a pretty good deal for customers looking at the raw specificities of the hardware. However it is crucial to identify your needs, because having a huge phone that offer a Full HD screen is useful, but eventually will run your battery flat, the key is to find a suitable mobile phone that will suit to your everyday needs. The S5 is operated by Android OS, a OS in constant evolution, Linux based this system is an open code and works with the majority of phones and tablets . Ideal for people who mastered the advanced features of this system. In general, everything works fine but you can face some gaps in the consistency and the stability of the phone. This is quite normal considering the scope of devices that support this OS. It is difficult to please everyone. That said, Android smartphones have been proven. The advantage is that you can afford a Samsung phone very efficient at a lower price than its competitor.


In my opinion and with my experiences with phones Iphone 5s is hands down the best phone between those two particular models. Wolverine always wins even with lesser strenght.

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