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Some application you shouldn't miss


ITube allows you to save videos from Youtube and make a playlist then be used without an internet connection. The app sometimes has difficulty with some songs, but once it works it is great. Syncs with Gmail (There are several applications with the same name but I found no major difference) .

If you do not have Shazam or Soundhoud, download one now. For those who do not yet know, they are used to identify a song by finding the title and artist it can be a very usefull tool.

Songza is a huge database of playlist. The application adapts itself during the day and offers 6 choices (eg new music, drive, work, relax) and lets you choose according to what they have preselected as playlist. I love the fact that the songs have no defined order (Random). Only small minor disappointment is that you can not change the song as many times as desired.



(Here are a few games that should help you kill time)




Voxer serves as a Walkie-Talkie. Sending voice messages, they are also recorded to be played back later. Easy, fast and convenient, it is ideal if you do not have much time to communicate.

Skype offers video calling, voice and text between worldwide subscribers. It is also possible to call anywhere for pennies per minute (A minimum of $ 10 must be purchased). Skype is a reliable, effective and widely spread way to communicate on all platforms.

Fongo free calls to any phone almost anywhere in the world.



Keep (goKeep in the App Store), produced by Google, is the perfect application to take notes. You can enter a written note, add an item in a '' to-do'' list, take a photo, record your voice (it should be noted that speech recognition is very effective). This application is very well divided, it offers a good illustration and even syncs with your Gmail.

Device Customization:

Zedge offers several ringtones, notifications, and wallpapers. It is extremely simple to use and, with a huge library, it is the perfect application to customize your phone.

Zooper Widget Free allows to make free widgets (continuous application: weather, news, dictionary, map) for your calendar for date / time. If you want to do more with this application, the modest sum of $ 1.49 you can unlock several additional options. This is perfect for adding a final touch to your customization. (Available only on Android)


Horoscope: is easy to use and with multiple categories (humor, love, work, vitality, panorama, money, key dates and counseling). You can choose to see the predictions for today, tomorrow, this week, this month and this year. This app. is complete and very interesting.


ALL who are not already members should subscribe now. This greatly simplifies connection everywhere. You can save your contacts and export them to a new phone. You can archive your pictures. You can save 15 GB of data on Google Drive and retain playlist on YouTube. Gmail will become your key to log in all Android phones as well as several applications.


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