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Tinder: The Revolution in Matchmaking Applications


Tinder: a new game that is revolutionizing the world of online dating.

With Tinder, you win or you get bored. This is an easy procedure for any smartphone user who wants to meet soul mate or spend a sparkling evening.

Here's how it works:

  1. First : You must subscribe with your Facebook account. ( Don't worry because nothing will publish itself with your identity). You must enter your phone number. The application will send you an SMS message on your mobile with a confirmation code that you must enter in the application to verify that you are truly the owner of the subscribed Facebook account.
  2. Tinder presents you people near you which also subscribed to the app. Tinder shows you infinite number of people of the opposite sex, ( i never got thought them all) you choose accordingly to their profile and in a anonymous way which you liked.
  3. Let the magic work! Then it's up to the dating Gods! Then you go on to your daily occupations and later on wait to see if people you liked also liked you. The application does the introduction and you can chat with your tinder inside the app.

Pretty simple and done in a timely fashion, this application offer a quick way to date without investing too much time and It is great.

Here are some trick to help you !

A - The Pictures

Try not using group pictures because it confuse people. Even when you have 5 images and hopefully they are not all group pictures, but people don't search for information this application is for a quick use.

Having no good pictures for the cover is limiting you potential matchmaking. Using images that reflect a particular interest or that should only attract a certain type of people can also be used as a pre-filter.

  1. One portrait that provides a clear picture of your face.
  2. One comparing your physic to someone else... and pick that other person carefully.
  3. One that defines your interests ( sports, travels, hobbies), your personality or work.
  4. One with your family or friends. People make a better idea on what you look like and will have some basis on what subject they could chat with you about.)

''Ask your friend to help you choose your profile cover.''

B - Bio


Once the chore of choosing pictures is over, the bio starts. It can include up to 500 characters. You must be creative to attract the interest of other primates that are selected by age, sex, proximity. Rather than try to describe yourself, which is very annoying and seems wrong (cliché), you should use it as a bio filtration system. For example: say you're funny and smart as can be seen if you say that you are serious and silly. The only things you should include in the bio are those we can not see in your photos, or also'' turn-off'' (ex: smoking)


  • Paul has a fun bio where he says he invented the wheel and having crossed ''Elvis Presley'' on an island in the middle of the Pacific. He also claims to hold the world record for the longest stay on (or in) the moon.
  • Martin bio says: Vegetarian looking vegetable for dipping.

Obviously, none of this is true, but it is clear that Paul and Martin do not want to be with someone who does not appreciate humor and imagination. This will therefore limite their matches, but their matches should be most interesting. Once the profile and photos selected, they will remain for you to play! Attention you must accept Tinder is a game! If you are not able to accept being rejected or not received a reply, Tinder is not for you. Otherwise, you can find a lot of fun. To conclude, Tinder is undoubtedly a very interesting app for meeting new people nearby.



  • Last summer 2013, Tinder  was downloaded more than 200,000 times a day and had one of the most rapid growth in the Apple AppStore.
  • 100 millions likes or dislikes are done on the application in the world everyday
  • 13 billions likes and dislikes have been done since it's launch
  • 2 million matches are made everyday
  • 21 workers are now working full time at Tinder head quarters in Los Angeles.
  • 86% of the users are living in the US this fall in 2013 but the users numbers are rapidly growing in europe particulary in country like France, United Kingdom and Netherlands.
  • 60% of the users have between 18 and 24 years old and the average user is loging in 11 times a day.
  • Acoording to Tinder 50% of the matches end up writing to each others.
  • The aplication founder found his girlfriend on Tinder.
  • 90% of compliments commentaries receive an answer.

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