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Choosing a smarthphone is not only about the device!


Your operating system is a crucial part of the interaction with your mobile phone, and its daily use is a major component of your experience. The applications you could install on your device differ greatly from one system to the other.

The big app markets available are:


Android devices use Google Play Store while those that use iOS Apple use the infamous App Store. The apps offered may contribute to how satisfied you are with your device as this dictates what possibilities the phone offers you.

If you’ve been an Apple user over the last few years and decide to switch to Android, you’ll quickly see that what is available to you is very different. Aside from the constraints on music and video imposed by Apple, the app selection on Android will most likely be smaller.


Apple apps are subjected to strict, restrictive standards from the get go so they are often of higher quality than the apps found on other operating systems. Google Playstore is a lot more lax with what they let pass, and you can often see it in the quality of the selection. However, it is possible to find a gem with better offerings that you won’t find on an Apple device. For example: Torrent downloads.

This is not an issue for widespread applications like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. However, for more specialized apps, companies will more likely have to choose between one or the other.

App developers often like to develop and grow their apps on Apple platforms as there are very few, different devices they need to adapt to. For example, the transition from iPhone 4 to iPhone 5 is a lot easier because of the constraints and rigorous standards that Apple imposes. An Android app developer will have to take many different devices into consideration, which increases the risk of error. Because of this, the development is a lot more complicated which can increase the cost of making it.

We also need to take into account that there are usually more transactions done in standard and uniform environments like Apple’s interface. In addition, Apple users generally buy more which may be an indication of their higher disposable income hence choosing a more expensive phone.


HearthStone: Heroes of Warcraft


Take, for example, the market of games on mobile devices.  Offering free online games is a business model that even the biggest developers are adopting. Blizzard Entertainment last launched a tablet version of their desktop computer gameHeartstone: Heroes of Warcraft, which is now available on iPad. It will soon be available on iPhones as well, but if you are an Android user you might need to wait another few years as Blizzard will not surely not launch something that is incomplete.

Here is an interview with the production manager Jason Chayes on the development of the Android applications at PAX East, a North American gaming convention.


If you are one who enjoys usingPokerstar on your laptop, iPad or iPhone, you’ll be quite disappointed once you try it on Android. We would need to verify some things when it comes to the policies of the games on Google Playstore, but one thing is for sure, you would not be able to play with money, only with tokens. This factor alone can be a turnoff to many.


We strongly suggest you take one evening to really do your research on the applications that are available on the platform you are looking to use next. Getting used to a new interface is easy. What’s not so easy (or even possible for that matter) isreplacing your favorite apps if they are not available on your new device.

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