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5 tips to preserve your battery power


The lack of battery power can cause great frustration.

In a world where your smartphone does almost everything and where it acquires ubiquity function (ability to be present in any place or in several places simultaneously). It is essential that your phone battery have charge when u need it. To save battery power, here are some tips that apply to most people:


Close them if they are not needed (Bluethoot, Wi-Fi, GPS).


Sreen brightness is the main energy loss.

The Screen timeout and Brightness must be calibrated to a minimum.


Disable vibration if it is not necessary, it consumes a lot of energy.

Key-tap sound and Touch sound uses little energy but can sometimes be irritating.

gestion batteriegestion.son.pile

Screenshot taken with the Samsung Galaxy S3 OS: Jelly Bean 4.3


Change the Network  from '' LTE / WCDMA / GSM to WCDMA / GSM'' (LTE = is used to denote a very fast internet connection.  GSM = wireless network most used worldwide. = WCDMA Oldest wireless network as well as the most powerful in terms of reception). Change LTE to GSM will give you more time to browse and / or to speak. The only thing that will be affected by this change is the internet speed.

Disable ''Mobile data'' because they are a major energy consumer.

gestion réseau  gestion batterie réseaux mobiles  LTE/GSM/WCDMA

Screenshot taken with the Samsung Galaxy S3 OS: Jelly Bean 4.3


First, close all applications in the specific way your device.

Applications can use alot of powert. The best method to disable all applications is the App. Clean Master: in it, a small ''Mermory Boost'' closes all that you do not use and ''Junk Files'' will remove all unnecessary data from your device. You can even sort of what you want to close or delete.

Very often, updating your applications will save battery power.

Uninstall the ones you do not use will lighten your memory and battery.

Application  batterie  pile

Screenshot taken from the application clean master 4.2.1


For quick battery charging, turn on airplane mode, or turn off mobile data during the time of the charge. This will reduce the energy used, so the device will load faster. There are other tips to preserve battery life but these will help you manage energy spending.



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